Classic Nostalgia

The Nostalgia Wheels are designs patterned after some of the most popular classic designs of the 60's & 70's muscle car era. This wheel is very close to the old Tuff Wheel style. Its all around beefy classic styling is the perfect match for your ride. The grip is a black leather and utilizes the baseball type stitch used on 1974 and later versions of the original wheel. We chose this stitch as it has a much cleaner look and is more desirable than the earlier faux stitch used on the original molded Tuff Wheels. This wheel has a dual bolt pattern. It has Grant's standard three bolt pattern so this wheel can be installed on a wide variety of vehicles using a Grant installation kit (3000 or 4000 Series Kits). In addition, they also have the original Mopar Tuff Wheel bolt pattern and can be installed as a replacement wheel using the original hardware on the original column. Grant's #5699 horn button is included with this wheel. You cannot use any other Grant Aftermarket buttons on this wheel except for our #5699 or the OE Button.

Instruction Manuals

Part 1004 Classic Nostalgia
14 5/8""