Suede Series

Grant Products International releases complete line up of new "Suede Series" wheels for all drivers. The "Suede Series" offers each driver premium suede wrapped wheel, hand stitched custom colored thread, and a contoured grip for the ultimate comfort and performance. Grants "Full Hoop Design" along with other key components makes it the most reliable wheel on the market.

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Hot Rod

Grant's got just the right fit for that Street Rod or Custom Car project you are working on. Our Heritage and Banjo wheels feature a modular spoke design. This allows you to remove the rim from the spokes and custom wrap or paint the wheel any way you want: the ultimate in customization! A Grant wheel is a badge of honor. It makes a statement. "If you think this wheel is cool, wait til you see what's under the hood". From foam to chrome Grant's got you covered!

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OEM Aftermarket

"Power to the wheel and that's what you'll feel". Your muscle car has a new skirt on these wheels we took them to the gym and gave them definition. Fresh ergonomic designs set these wheels apart. The fine hand stitched leather on these wheels has been custom wrapped by our very own artisans. These wheels scream performance from the moment you lay your eyes on them. It's what your ride is missing. So c'mon and join the Revolution and get one today.

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Classic Nostalgia Wheels

How have you been treating your lady? Well if she doesn't have a new Grant wheel then it's time to treat your lady right. Your Classic ride is missing something. She's been trying to tell you.. Listen carefully the next time you see her. She'll tell you she wants a new Grant Wheel driving her! Our timeless Nostalgia designs will have her purring all the way down the road. So c'mon, step up, and give her a Grant!

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You enjoy the water and you are looking to set your boat apart from all the rest. Give your boat a personality of its own, give it a Grant.  Grant’s designs run the gamut from timeless to modern cutting edge classics.

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