This section of the website covers the most frequently asked questions regarding installation or technical problems with Grant Steering Wheels and Installation Kits.


Questions about Grant Steering Wheels

  • What do I need to install a Grant Steering Wheel?
    You will need a Grant Installation Kit that is designed to fit your specific vehicle (except for the Corvette Series Wheels). Grant Steering Wheels are designed to be installed with Grant Installation Kits.

    The Signature Series Wheels with the 5-bolt pattern can be installed with any of our Installation Kits. The Classic and Challenger Series Wheels can not be installed with a #5000 or #6000 Series Installation Kit they can only be installed using the #3000 and #4000 Series Installation Kits.

    To find the Grant Installation Kit that is designed to fit your vehicle, specify the year, make, and model of your vehicle using the Application Search located in the navigation side bar to the left of the this page.
  • How do I install a steering wheel?
    Grant includes a general instruction sheet with each Steering Wheel. Easy to use instruction sheets, that are written for a specific vehicle are included with each Installation Kit. To see the instruction sheets use the Grant Instruction Sheet Search Form or click the Instruction Sheet link during your product search.
  • I have an airbag on my vehicle. Does Grant make a kit to put a custom wheel on my vehicle?
    No. We do not research airbag-equipped vehicles and our kits are not engineered for such vehicles. We do not recommend that you change, alter or remove the airbag from any vehicle for safety and legal reasons.

    Grant makes a new product that allows you to customize your original airbag steering wheel. The Grant Custom Styling Ring is a quick and easy way to improve the looks of your original wheel and keep the safety of the original airbag system. Available for many cars and light trucks, see our application information for your specific vehicle.

    Grant has O.E.M. replacement steering wheels available for certain GM and Ford vehicles which allow you to customize the vehicle while retaining the original airbag safety device. See applications for specific vehicles.
  • Can I replace an air bag steering wheel even though the airbag has been removed?
    No we recommend that you replace the airbag.
  • I have a vehicle that is not listed in your installation kit application chart. Do you have a universal adapter kit I can use?
    No. There is no such thing as a universal adapter kit. If your vehicle is not listed there are only two possibilities. One, we simply do not make a kit for your vehicle. Two, we have not researched your vehicle. You can call our customer service department for assistance.

    Remember - never use a Grant installation kit on a vehicle not listed in our application guide. This is for your safety and well being.
  • I have a street rod (or other custom vehicle) and do not know what the steering column is out of. How can I purchase a grant wheel and installation kit?
    Installation kits are vehicle specific. You will need to find out the exact year, make and model of vehicle your steering column was in. Many times you may need to find numbers off the column so that you can and go to a dealer to find this information. Grant personnel cannot help you locate the model numbers or verify make/model information.
  • I have an IDIDIT or FLAMING RIVER steering column, what kit do I use?
    All IDIDIT and FLAMING RIVER columns use the 3196 kit. You may need to purchase the plastic sleeve that is found on all columns where this kit is used. If you do not have this part, you will need to go to a wrecking yard or to a GM dealer and purchase this inexpensive part.

General Technical Questions

  • I am having trouble installing a grant product what should I do first?
    Be sure that you are following the Grant Instruction Sheet. The answers to most of these questions can be found in the instructions sheets provided with the kits and wheels. It is a good idea to have all of the instruction sheets with you for review and reference when diagnosing and fixing a problem.

    If you need to read or print the instructions, search for the product by part number or keyword using the Keyword Search at the top of this page.
  • How can I get my horn to work again after installing a classic or challenger wheel?
    You probably have a painted black, silver or gold wheel. You must use the silver foil disc that is packed in the back of the horn button along with an instruction sheet. Follow these instructions (form 97524-00-01) for its use and your problem will be solved.
  • How can I keep the horn from blowing during installation of my Grant wheel and kit?
    Be sure to remove the horn fuse or disconnect your battery before installation. Remember to reinstall fuse or reconnect battery when done.
  • How can I get my turn signals to cancel properly?
    There are many different types of cancellation cams used. Some are removable from the back of the original wheel and some are not. Even some that are removable are not compatible with the back of the Grant hub. Use the original cam if it will fit onto the back of the Grant hub just like the original wheel, if not see below.

    When the original cam will not work with the Grant hub, use the roll pins provided in the kit and install per the directions provided. These will do the same job as your original mechanism. You may need to bend the pins slightly, as instructed for proper operation.
  • What is the clicking sound I hear when turning my steering wheel?
    This sound is caused by not correctly adjusting the roll pins. Proper adjustment will solve the problem and prevent damage to your turn signal mechanism. Improper adjustment can cause damage or failure and result in your having to replace the turn signal mechanism.
  • After installation there is either a large gap or rubbing (interference) between the post cover and my steering column. How do I correct this?
    In designing Grant kits, we allow for a 1/8" gap between the post cover and the steering column. Many older vehicles may have been modified, rebuilt or repaired and have had the steering columns removed from the vehicle. There is adjustment built into many of these columns. Loosen the bolts holding the column into position under dash and slide the housing up or down to the desired clearance and then retighten the bolts securely.
  • Where do I install the brown retainer contactor ring and large spring from my kit on my signature wheel?
    The brown retainer contactor ring, large spring and 3 shoulder bolts in the kit are not used with a Signature Series Wheel. Refer to instruction sheet that came with your steering wheel (form 98524-00-01).
  • The Classic/Challenger Wheel I bought won't fit onto my Euro Kit (6000 series), billet kit (5000 series), or telescopic gm kit (6400). what's wrong?
    Nothing is wrong. The Euro and Billet series kits are designed to only be used with Signature Series wheels with the 5 bolt mounting pattern. The Classic/Challenger Series wheels (3-bolt pattern) will not work with these kits.
  • My new Grant Steering Wheel is too close to the turn signal, wiper, or shift levers. What can I do?
    You can purchase our model 4000 Extension kit that mounts between the already installed installation kit and the steering wheel. It moves the wheel back 2" for clearance.
  • My new Grant Signature Series Wheel is too far back toward my chest. Can I move the wheel forward toward the dash?
    You can purchase our model 4001 (black finish) or 4002 (Polished finish) spacers. These are only 1" tall (vs. the 2" standard collar) and will move the wheel toward the dash 1" for additional clearance.
  • The Grant Custom Hub does not slide all the way down onto my shaft like the original wheel. Do I have the right kit?
    If you looked up the correct application and got the kit listed, you probably have the right kit. If the box was opened when you bought it, you may want to call us to verify the hub number for proper fitment. Since Grant hubs are die cast, the tolerances are intentionally slightly tighter than your stock wheel. We recommend that you put the Grant hub down as far as it will go by hand. Follow the instructions and install the post cover, shaft nut…etc. and tighten down to the recommended torque setting. This should properly seat the hub onto shaft.
  • The horn button on my Challenger/Classic wheel will not go on. What am I doing wrong?
    On many Ford vehicles starting in 1966, there is an unused stub on the end of the steering shaft. This stub will need to be cut off with a hacksaw or equivalent. See the instructions provided with kit for the proper procedure.

    The brown retainer contact or ring is on upside down. Make sure the brown side is facing up toward you and the metal side is down.
  • I need to do some work on my steering column. How do I get the Grant Custom Hub off?
    You will need to use a steering wheel puller that will pull at three points. We sell an inexpensive puller that will not only pull our hub, but will pull off most original steering wheels (PN 5891) sold at most outlets that carry Grant Steering Wheels.

Questions Regarding General Motors Vehicles

  • When using kit number 3196, my wheel is crooked. How can I get it straight?
    Classic/Challenger wheels – Refer to Form 5 instructions and follow steps 9 and 11 regarding routing of the horn lead wire.

    Signature Wheels – Refer to the "Signature Series Optional Installation" sheet in kit and perform steps A and C.
  • I am using kit number 3196 and can't find the plastic sleeve referred to in the instructions, is it missing from my kit?
    No. We do not provide this part in the kit; the plastic sleeve is an existing component on all the vehicles where kit 3196 is used. If you do not have this part, you will need to go to a wrecking yard or to a GM dealer and purchase this inexpensive part.

Questions Regarding Ford Motors Vehicles

  • How can I keep the fuse from blowing on my Ford vehicle after installing a signature wheel?
    You must cut the ground lead from the horn button. Refer to the instructions supplied with wheel (form 97524-00-01) for the proper procedure.
  • I have a Classic "Mustanger" Wheel and the horn button does not want to stay on. how do i make it work correctly?
    This button is unique because you cannot use the spring that came in the installation kit. You must use the foam spacers provided with the button or wheel and eliminate the spring. Install the foam spacers per the instructions and your problem should be solved.
  • I purchased kit number 3288 and the post cover is stamped off center. is this normal?
    Yes. The column on this vehicle is egg shaped and the shaft is not centered. We had to make the cover this way. Your instruction sheet (Form 4) explains this.

Questions Regarding Jeep Vehicles

  • I have a jeep using kit number 3196 and I don't have a wire coming out of my horn contact housing, but a metal connector. How do I get the grant wire connected?
    You will need to pull this metal plunger out of the plastic tube and replace it with the wire provided in our kit. Simply grab the plunger and pull straight out. Re-use the plastic snap sleeve that will come out with plunger to hold our wire in housing just as before.

Questions Regarding Grant Vehicle Security System

  • I lost the keys to my vehicle security system. What can I do about getting replacements?
    Provided you sent in the registration form for your system, all you have to do is call our customer service department and we will be happy to sell you replacement keys for $4.75.

    If you did not send in your registration form, we will need you to get the serial number for your unit. This is found on the original instruction sheet, the registration form or you must remove the unit from the vehicle to get to the serial number found on a white sticker on the bottom of the base unit. Without this information we cannot help, there is no master key.
  • The model 2001 vehicle security system I bought won't fit on my Euro kit (6000 series),Billet kit (5000 series) or my Telescopic GM KIT (6400). What's wrong?
    These kits are only designed for use with the Signature Series wheels with the 5 bolt mounting pattern.

    You unfortunately cannot use the Vehicle Security System on this kit and vehicle.
  • After installing the 2001 vehicle security system my horn isn't working. What's wrong?
    Make sure you followed the instructions included with your wheel, kit and security system.

    Make sure no wires are pinched or severed. Make sure the crimp connection(s) are secure.

    Make sure the spring-loaded contactors on the column side are not depressed. If so, simply remove the working mechanism and straighten the wires out where they come out of the backside of the unit. Do not bend them; just allow them to fold out of the way of the shaft on their own.

    Make sure on a 2-wire horn circuit that you have cut the ground spring (on a Signature Series wheel) and that nothing is grounding. Also check horn fuse.